Dear Customer, closed all binary options trading activity at the end of July 2018. It was intended to establish a regulated FX / CFD trading platform. That will unfortunately not happen. In the result please take notice that is closing permanently.

Existing customer balances remain 100% safeguarded and secure in segregated accounts. The company remains committed to ensuring that any customer with a balance on their account may withdraw their funds. All such customers are encouraged to withdraw their funds immediately. Any funds to which you remain entitled will be refunded to you via wire transfer.

Customers who have funds available to withdraw are listed below. If you currently have funds held on your account, you will see your Username and Email address listed below. We have partially blocked the email address for reasons of privacy and security.

The below represents the full list of customers with remaining balances currently held with us. Only emails received from the registered emails listed below will be answered by the company. If you are the holder of an account in the below list, please write from that registered email to for further instructions as to providing your bank account details in order to process the funds to you by wire transfer.

If you do not see your Username and Email address listed below but believe you previously held funds on account with us, the most likely reason will be that your account funds have been exhausted due to the operation of the monthly administration charge taken on dormant accounts in accordance with our terms and conditions. This fee is taken monthly against all dormant accounts until withdrawal of funds is made:

Inactivity period / Monthly Inactivity Fee:

0 to 6 months = Nil
6 to 12 months = 100 GBP / USD / EUR
Over 12 months = 200 GBP / USD / EUR

The following customers have funds available to withdraw currently:

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